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12 Bottle Club


There is no sign-up fee! Your membership will become active after a purchase of 12 bottles.

All Alexander Vineyards Wine Clubs give their members the opportunity to select which wines you want in each allocation. That's right - YOU get to choose. Here's how it works:

  • There are four allocations a year: January, April, July, October.
  • Day 1: We will send you an email asking you to make your selections of a minimum of three bottles and request pick-up or delivery.
  • Day 14: If we have not received your selections, we will pick for you.
  • Day 30: If you have not picked up your selection from the tasting room, we will ship it to you unless otherwise specified. 

Please note, we will not ship wines during the months of May – September. We do this as a precaution to avoid wine spoilage due to excessive heat. Please contact us if you have any comments or questions.

The 12 Bottle Club requires a minimum of a one-year membership, participating in 4 allocations. A member may elect to leave the wine club sooner than a year, only after a purchase of at least 48 bottles has been made. If a member decides to cancel their membership before meeting the requirements, they will be charged the balance of all discounts received as a benefit of club membership. Any requests for wine club termination must be sent to wineclub@alexandervineyards.com.

Wine Club members may put their account "on hold" for one allocation. During this period, all benefits are suspended. Alexander Vineyards may allow for a club member to have their account on hold for more than one allocation. Any requests for suspended accounts must be sent to wineclub@alexandervineyards.com.



  • You have the opportunity to select the wines in their quarterly allocation
  • Receive 20% discounts on all Alexander Vineyards products and merchandise 
  • Four complimentary tastings or glasses of wine per month
  • Two complimentary admissions plus $10 for each additional guest to AV Roadshow events in Dallas, Austin, and Houston (San Antonio - coming soon!)
  • Special access to wines that are only available to wine club
  • Priority access to new releases
  • No sign-up fee


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